W Awards



The W Awards, formerly known as the Women in Architecture awards, recognise women’s global contribution to the profession, promoting role models for young women in practice and encouraging respect, diversity and equality in architecture: from lifetimes of achievement to the work of women with bright futures ahead, from the design of the world’s most significant new buildings to contributions to wider architectural culture. In partnership with both The Architectural Review and the Architects’ Journal, the W Awards are a celebration of talent and ambition, of leadership and outstanding architecture.

Entries for the awards are now closed. Winners will be honoured at an event in March 2021.



W Awards 2020: celebrating women in architecture



These awards are very important and frankly I was extremely happy to see the change in the name from Women in Architecture to W Awards. We have to think in non-binary terms in our times’

Beatriz Colomina, winner of the 2020 Jane Drew Prize


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